About Us

Our mission is to promote the many technical, commercial and environmental benefits of the Pipe Trades and maximize their use in the construction industry.

The objective of the OPTC is to promote the interest of the Plumbing, Steamfitting, Welding, Sprinkler Fitting, Refrigeration and HVAC industry in the province of Ontario.

We are the skilled workforce of the Plumbing and Mechanical Professionals. We perform our job with skill, dedication and an eye for craftsmanship that we know gets the job done right.

Pride in our work is something that is part of our everyday commitment. This pride is not only in our work, but in our community, in our skills and training, in our union and in this opportunity for a better life.

Interested in joining us? Take advantage of this opportunity to work with tradesmen and women who reflect on their work with pride and dedication.

The Council is committed to supplying the top trades people on projects across Ontario. The annual investment of millions through the network of local MCAO and OPTC joint training and apprenticeship committees speaks to the strength of this commitment.

Safety and quality are central priorities for the Ontario Pipe Trades Council – protecting our members, our students and the public is paramount.

  • Our apprentices receive rigorous training on health, safety and environmental codes.
  • Ratios are maintained and regulated such that supervision is safe and qualified.
The United Association runs an annual “Train the Trainers” program in Ann Arbor, Michigan where instructors learn the latest in technologies as well as training methodologies. This program has existed for 45 years, attracting the support of key material and equipment suppliers. The program includes an “industry review day” involving contractors and owners from across North America.